How to Stay Social While Social Distancing

COVID-19 just about disrupted everything in our lives from working to how we shop. While many of us stayed at home for weeks on end, finally some normalcy is returning, although social distancing is still advised. To help you stay connected in this new world, take a look at these tips.


3 Ways to Stay Socially Connected When Social Distancing


Use video call

If you haven’t already, FaceTime and Zoom are great apps that help families and loved ones stay connected. Until you are able to see your friends face-to-face, give them a video call to see them. Arrange to do something together, such as have a coffee so it feels as if you are with them.


Join a new group

Joining an online group is a great way to meet new friends during this time of social distancing. There are thousands of groups on Facebook for all sorts of hobbies, such as sewing, gardening, running, and more. Find a group that relates to your hobby and interact with others who post photos and videos.


Stay active

Many gyms and yoga studios have opened their doors, but that doesn’t mean you need to return to a bustling workout space. Instead, take a virtual class and exercise from home. You can even call a friend and work out together to help you feel like you have company right beside you.


These tips can help you stay in contact with people when social distancing. For all of your personal and commercial insurance needs, contact the team at Humble & Davenport Insurance.

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