How to Stay Active Over Winter

Smart Ways to Stay Fit in the Colder Months 

The temperatures have dropped and the nights are drawing in earlier. It’s tempting to go into full-blown hibernation mode and only resurface for work and high holidays. Over the winter, we tend to make excuses to eat more and exercise less. This winter, don’t push your fitness routine to the sidelines. Staying active in winter boost immunity and keeps the lymphatic system active. Winter fitness also prevents weight gain that can occur from inactivity and holiday eating and drinking. To help you stay fit in the cooler months, take a look at these tips.

Walk More

Exercising in winter doesn’t mean you need to put hours in at the gym. Simply increasing your steps every day can help to keep your body active and heart healthy. Walking is an effective cardio workout that suits a range of fitness levels. Wrap up warm and head out to your local park, walk around a Christmas tree lot, or walk to the market instead of driving. There are many ways you can start to walk more!

Stay Indoors

Use the season as an excuse to expand your exercise repertoire and check out new fitness classes offered in your area. Try your hand at indoor tennis, take up yoga, or finally find a gym you like. Swimming, spinning, and salsa dancing are also great workouts that provide plenty of entertainment, too. Your new activity may even turn into your favorite winter exercise!

Set Goals

Winter often means that our workout motivation disappears – at least until the New Year when we resolve to lose weight. Keep yourself on track by making new, small goals rather than one, large goal that overwhelms you. It could be anything from losing those last 10 pounds to running a 5K or even going a full pull-up.

There are many great workout options this winter! Be sure that whatever you choose to do, you do safely. For all of your personal and commercial insurance needs, contact the team at Humble & Davenport Insurance today.

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