How to Prevent Vandalism at Your Workplace

Protecting Your Property From Vandalism 

If your business falls victim to vandalism, it could end up costing you an eye-watering amount to repair or replace the defacement. While many businesses pride themselves in being prepared for the unexpected, many forget to be concerned about vandalism and its effects. Vandalism is a serious crime and can hinder your business in many ways: employees may not feel safe and your business reputation may be tainted. What’s more, you could be strapped for cash when it comes to removing the vandalism. To avoid the stress of a security breach, here are some tips to prevent vandalism at work.

Spot weaknesses

Walk around the exterior of your property and look for weaknesses that vandals will spot. Look for weak perimeter points, unlit areas good for hiding, architectural features ideal for defacement, and valuable equipment prime for stealing. From here, you can outline how to improve your security.

Deter and deflect

Vandalism occurs when vandals think they can get away with it. If your building is lit up, is closed off, and has surveillance monitoring, vandals will think twice before approaching your property.

Review insurance

Your commercial property insurance will help to protect your property when it has fallen victim to vandalism. Be sure to review your coverage so that your business has optimum protection in place.

These tips can help to protect your commercial property. When you’re looking for the right business insurance, we can help. Contact the experts at Humble & Davenport Insurance today. Our dedicated team serves Renton and the surrounding areas in Washington — Contact us to get started!

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