How To Prepare Your Outdoor Toys For Spring

Whether you prefer to zip around on a dirt bike or explore the dunes on an ATV, you need to prepare your outdoor toys before taking them out in the beginning of the season. As the snows melt across the ridges and ranges, get ready to explore with a little maintenance.

Start by checking the fluids in your boats, bikes, and RVs. Running around on old engine oil or coolant could leave you stranded. Most vehicles also call for drainage of the fuel tank before winter storage, so refill the gas and flush out any remaining air.

Don’t forget about inspecting the safety gear you wear while riding or traveling. A helmet can only help you if there are no cracks or other issues that compromise its stability.

Finally, check your RV insurance coverage before taking your first road trip of the spring. Heading out without full coverage for collisions and accidents could leave you in a bad spot. Talk to Humble & Davenport Insurance for all the protection you need in Washington.

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