How to File a Life Insurance Claim

Filing a life insurance claim can be extremely difficult, especially in times of financial and emotional turmoil. However, it is best that a life insurance claim be done as soon as possible so that the life insurance company can help you as much as they can with the coming days. The first step in filing an insurance claim is simply to call the insurance company. The insurance company representative will be skilled in these matters and will be able to talk you through the rest of the process but here are a few tips.

You should ideally check your policies and make sure that the coverage amounts are exactly as you remember them. All paperwork needs to be gathered, and you should be well aware of your financial situation and that of the deceased’s. You will want to know the policy in and out to know what it will cover and what it will not. The paperwork can be sent into the insurance company and then you will have to wait while they make a determination. Remember that you can always ask questions about the final determination or even dispute it. Finally, you’ll be able to receive a payout. You will usually have the option of either a lump sum or a scheduled payment plan.

For more information about what you need and how to file a life insurance claim contact Humble & Davenport Insurance.

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