How Should You Handle A Claim?

Humble & Davenport Insurance hopes that you never need to file a claim for any reason, but sometimes bad things happen. In the event that you’re in an accident or your property is damaged, contact your agent immediately to file a claim. Whether you’re filing a claim for an automobile accident or damage to your home or property, the process is very similar:

Your agent will need to know:

  • The time, date and location of the incident
  • How the incident occurred
  • Names of the parties involved (if known), and contact information
  • The extent of the damage
  • What repairs are needed, if any
  • What authorities may have been contacted

Take down as much information as possible before you call to file your claim. Contact your agent at Humble & Davenport when you’re ready to file. Your agent will walk you through the process. Humble & Davenport Insurance proudly provides insurance coverage for residents in the state of Washington.

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