How Extreme Weather Can Impact Your Home

How Extreme Weather Conditions Effects Your Property


In the midst of a climate crisis, we must get used to extreme weather. Areas all over the world are suffering from unseasonable temperatures, flash floods, storms, and rising sea levels. While we can all do our part in helping the planet, we should also be mindful of how this extreme weather can impact our properties. Take a look at how weather conditions take their toll on a home.


  • Wind

Wind can cause two conditions – up-lift and racking. Up-lift develops when rapidly moving wind creates an area of lower pressure on the roof slope, walls, and inside the house. Racking occurs when the high wind forces don’t hit the house squarely, but at different angles and pressures. The home’s framing will usually withstand the racking force, but extreme winds can tear shingles off the roof. It’s important that these materials are properly installed and maintained to avoid damage to your home.


  • Rain

Not only does rain cause damage to the roof and walls, but homeowners need to be concerned about the effects of rain on the inside, too. Clogged gutters can cause rain to seep into the roof and attic, creating structural issues. It can also cause mold and mildew to grow, impacting the health of the inhabitants and compromising the air quality. It’s a good idea to keep the gutters clear all year long and to seal any leaks in the roof before a storm hits.


  • Frozen Pipes

When the mercury drops, the water in your pipes can freeze. As this happens, the water turns to ice and expands, causing tears in the pipe. Once the temperatures rise, the water unfreezes, causing leaks and floods. If you have an outdoor hose, you may have already thought to ensure it is properly insulated, but what about those that may be in your attic or garage? Preparing your home for cooler temperatures is imperative to avoid these possible issues.


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