How Does Cancelling My Auto Insurance Affect My Future Rates?

What You Should Know About Car Insurance Lapses in Coverage 

Whether you’re getting rid of your vehicle or taking it off the roads to restore it, you may consider canceling your auto insurance in Renton, WA. In many cases, this makes complete sense. After all, why pay for auto insurance when you aren’t going to be using your car? Even so, you should know that if you cancel coverage and have a lapse in cover, you could face higher rates later on down the line. Here’s how a lapse in coverage can affect your rates.

If you are in between cars for just a short period of time, you should consider keeping your car insurance intact. Generally, insurers penalize drivers without car insurance for any length of time, which means that when you do go to buy car insurance in the future, you’ll be labeled a high-risk driver. In turn, you’ll face steeper premiums. If you know you’re going to be without a vehicle for several years, it could make sense to cancel coverage. If you will be without a car for just a few months, consider sticking with your policy to lock in low rates.

A great way to avoid a lapse in coverage is to be added as a driver to another auto insurance policy. Ask your friend or family member if you can be added as a named driver to their policy so that insurers can see you still have active insurance. This is an inexpensive alternative that allows you to maintain your low-risk status.

It’s tempting but never drive a vehicle without insurance. If you get caught, or worse, cause an accident, you could face steep fines and possible jail time. It is very likely that driving uninsured will cost you a lot more than the cost of a policy.

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