Hosting a Holiday Party? Review Your Insurance!

The Liability Risks of Hosting a Festive Party


The holidays are a wonderful time of year to gather with loved ones, celebrate the season, and enjoy some good food. If you’re planning on hosting a holiday party, it’s worth considering the risk you take on by doing so. If you’re a homeowner planning to throw the ultimate festive gathering, be sure you understand your responsibilities and the liability risks of hosting a holiday party.


Watch what you eat and feed others. Even if the food was prepared outside of your home by a caterer, you could still be held liable if someone falls ill from consuming it on your property. Stick with safe snacks like chips and vegetable dips and clearly label each dish. Take the dietary requirements of your guests into consideration, whether they be vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free.


Limit the alcohol. If a party centers on drinking, it’s more likely that the guests will drink more. To avoid this, schedule entertainment or activities that don’t involve alcohol consumption.


Provide non-alcoholic drinks. It’s a good idea to know who the designated drivers are ahead of time. Make sure they have non-alcoholic drink options so that they aren’t tempted to indulge. Never let any of your guests drive home drunk.


Consider an umbrella policy. Although holiday partygoers and hosts should know their limits, you should know that most risks can’t entirely be eliminated. Planning ahead and being prepared if the worst happens is the best defense. Consider taking out an umbrella policy or special event insurance to ensure that you have optimum protection.


Home insurance is incredibly important to protect your property. When you need to find coverage to suit your budget, talk to the professionals at Humble & Davenport Insurance today.

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