Homeowners: Is Your Roof Ready For The Spring Rainy Season?

No matter what the season, our roofs take a pounding each and every day. Sun, wind, hail, precipitation and even surrounding vegetation can all cause damage to our roofs. Unfortunately,some of this damage may not be readily apparent, until a significant amount of rain falls.

So, what can a homeowner do to protect their home from unexpected leaks?

First, take a few minutes periodically to do a visual inspection of the roof. Shingles that are missing, broken or turned up at the edges are a sign that the roof is failing. These conditions should be referred to a trusted roofing contractor who can do a proper inspection and explain your options.

Next, remember to keep tree limbs, leaves, pine needles and other debris from collecting on your roof. Keeping the gutters clean will help keep this from happening. However, if it does occur, it is important to clear these materials from the roof at the earliest opportunity.

Lastly, invest in a tarp that can be used as temporary protection when strong winds or storms cause damage, until help arrives. In the event of real or suspected roof damage, be sure to contact your homeowners insurance agent immediately and follow their instructions.

For additional information, questions about coverage or a quote, contact Humble & Davenport Insurance. Their friendly staff is ready and waiting to help you ensure your home is protected when from rain, and everything else, as well!


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