Home Prep To Do Before Bringing the Baby Home

Put these tips into practice to prepare your living quarters for your newborn baby!

Many couples are taking the step of growing their family. This means that with newborn babies on the way, life is about to change – drastically! Not only is it an incredibly busy time with doctor appointments, showers, classes and more, it’s an exciting time of life!

But before you bring the baby home from the hospital, take some time to prepare your home! Nobody should put a baby in a dangerous corner, so be sure to baby proof your home in good time. Fortunately, these tasks can be done months before stalk arrives.

  • No strings attached: Keep long strings, cords, or ribbons away from infants and young children.
  • House hunt: Look around your house for small objects that can be swallowed. Even coins, buttons, dropped flower petals, or a deflated balloon can pose a choking risk! Remove all immediately.
  • Cool down: Use anti-scald devices for faucets and showerheads, and lower your water heater settings. Bath water for a baby should be 100 degrees Fahrenheit (always do the go-to parent trick of testing bath water with your elbow first!)
  • Never cut corners: Install corner and edge bumpers for tables and other furniture to help prevent injuries from falls when your baby reaches walking age!
  • Top-heavy dangers: Anchor heavy furniture and appliances that could fall on young children. Even a TV or small bookshelf can cause significant injuries!
  • Extend roots: Move plants off the floor. Many are poisonous to humans and pets. The key culprits are irises and poinsettias.
  • Children will be children: Replace all sockets with childproof sockets. Most young children are curious enough to stick their fingers in empty sockets.
  • Don’t kill Mickey: Remove all mouse traps in your home. Find a way to humanely catch mice if they are pests in your home.
  • Hush little baby: If you haven’t already, get a baby monitor to listen for cries!

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