4 Must-Do Home Tasks That Will Save You Money

Did you know that these home maintenance tips save on your wallet?

Do you like saving a dime now and again? Do you like saving hundreds? Fortunately, there are some top ways to treat your home with some TLC that will prevent damage, repair, and eliminate a large expense on your homeowners insurance!

Keep your home in check without busting your budget by putting these tips into practice:

  1. Clean vents and filters: Check that the vents for your dryer, air conditioner, heater, and septic tank are clear and clean! Letting lint and waste build up can cause early breakdowns, fires, and further damage!
  2. Inspect gutters and downspouts: Clogged gutters and downspouts can lead to leaking basements, cracked foundations, wood rot, and pest infestations that can cost $500 to $5,000 or more. Clear the gutters of debris and that your downspouts are positions to direct water away from your foundation.
  3. Assess your attic insulation: Attic insulation controls moisture, retains heat, and ensures proper ventilation. Inspect your attic to make sure that there is insulation covering the entire space. If existing insulation appears to be damaged or depleted, consider adding more insulation to replacing it altogether.
  4. Make sure alarms are working: Make sure your smoke alarms and security systems have batteries and are in good, working condition. By doing so, you might avoid a fire or burglar!

Take pride in your home and save money! Now that your home is standing in good stead (literally), protect it with quality homeowners insurance! For a customized policy to suit your home, budget, and needs in Renton, Washington, contact Humble & Davenport Insurance today.

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