Will Your Insurance Cover a Roof Cave In?

House in hands of businessmanRoof Destruction and Home Insurance

Even though the worst of the winter storms are behind us, there is still a chance that an early spring storm can lead to snow or ice building up on your roof. If your roof collapses due to build up of snow or ice, do you know if your homeowners insurance will cover it? Knowing how to deal with a roof cave in can help to ensure that you are not left paying for damages out of your own pocket.

In most cases, a collapsed roof that is caused by snow or ice will be covered under your homeowner’s insurance policy under the dwelling limit coverage. You may also want to find out if there are any special ordinances or laws that may affect how you have to rebuild your home. There are many communities that have special building ordinances that will require any homes that are 50 percent or more damaged to be completely torn down and rebuilt to meet the most recent building codes.

If your personal property is also damaged during the cave in, the personal property limit on your homeowner’s insurance policy will provide coverage. Make sure to talk with your agent to see just how much personal property coverage you have to ensure that all of your assets are protected. If you do not have enough personal property coverage for all of your assets, you may want to consider raising your coverage, or scheduling any valuable items to ensure that they have the right amount of protection.

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