Home Ignition Zones and How Home Insurance in Renton, WA Can Help

Ensure that your home has a defensible space and a “home ignition zone”.

Everyone wants to think of their home as a cozy environment that welcomes all. However, what they don’t want is to think of their home as a blazing furnace! Fortunately, each homeowner can take active steps to safeguard their home from flames and fire!

Zone Concept
There are three ‘zones’ which fire professionals suggest working on to prevent any fire from occurring.

Zone 1 encircles the structure and all of its attachments (decks, fences, and porches). In this area:

  • Plants should be carefully spaced, low-growing, and free of resins, oils, and waxes.
  • Mow the lawn regularly.
  • Prune trees up six to ten feet from the ground.
  • Remove dead vegetation from under the deck and within 10 feet of the house.
  • Consider fire-resistant material for patio furniture, swing sets, etc.
  • Water plants, trees, and mulch regularly.
  • Remove firewood stacks and propane tanks – they should not be located in this zone.

Zone 2 is 30 to 100 feet from the home, and plants in this zone should be low-growing, well irrigated, and less flammable. In this area:

  • Leave 30 feet between clusters or two to three trees, or 20 feet between individual trees.
  • Create ‘fuel-breaks’, like driveways, gravel walkways, and lawns.
  • Prune trees up six to ten feet from the ground.

Zone 3 is 100 to 200 feet from the home. This area should be thinned out as much as possible.

  • Remove small conifers that are growing between taller trees. Remove heavy accumulation of woody debris.
  • Reduce the density of tall trees so canopies are not touching.

In addition to these tasks, be sure to secure your homeowners insurance policy. With this, you can receive all-encompassing protection for your home and belongings, should a fire strike.

To receive your tailored homeowners insurance coverage, contact Humble & Davenport Insurance in Renton, Washington!

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