Help Your Friends and your Community

Humble & Davenport Insurance of Washington has always been dedicated to making a difference in the community by providing high quality insurance coverage at the lowest possible rates. We consider it to be a personal compliment every time someone chooses us as their insurer or refers a friend to our services.

Now, we want to take our interact with the community a step further by making a donation to charity for evhappy family icons, vector symbols collectionery one of our customers’ referrals. Each time a customer of ours refers a friend or family member to our services, we will donate money on their behalf to a charitable organization. The only question that needs to be answered now is what charities we will support. That is why we are asking you, our community of clients to give us suggestions for high quality organizations to support.

Remember, if you are looking for a company dedicated to providing you with good coverage low rates and making a difference in the community, turn to Humble & Davenport.

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