Happy Employees are Hardworking Employees

Employees are what make a business run smoothly. Having the best employees can give business owners peace of mind knowing that every part of their business is being take care of as best as possible. Making sure your best employees are happy and well taken care of can help ensure that they will stay with your company as long as possible. Ask yourself these 5 questions to help ensure that your employees are motivated to stay.

  1. Do you pay your employees enough? There are many credible websites where you can check to make sure your employees are earning the right amount of money compared to others that have their same position at different companies. It is very simple to look up, and chances are, your employees have done so. Make sure you are not paying your employees on the low end of the scale.
  2. Do you give them enough time off? Many people would like to have more vacation days instead of more money. Having enough vacation time can allow your employees to get enough rest and relaxation, which will make them more productive and happier at work.
  3. Do they have flexibility? With the number of households that have both parents working from home, it is important to make sure your employees have the option to work from home once in a while to make sure they can spend enough time with their loved ones, without getting behind on their work.
  4. Does your office have perks? Small touches can make a huge difference in employees moral. These can be something as simple as a coffee maker that is well stocked with different teas and coffee, to a basketball hoop and Friday afternoon BBQs.
  5. Do you care? Make sure your employees know that you care about them as people, not just employees. Something as simple as taking someone out to lunch, or remembering to ask about their daughter’s dance recital can make a big difference.

Providing the proper insurance for your employees can also make a big difference. Contact Humble & Davenport in Renton, Washington to get the best insurance commercial insurance coverage for your employees and business.

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