Halloween Tips for Homeowners

With Halloween coming, it can help to have a guide to what you should do to be safe on that night. It’s not just about you and your home, but also about the people who will come by, asking for candy. Most of them will be children, and you don’t want them to get hurt. Not only is that upsetting, but it could also result in a lawsuit you’d have to defend yourself against.

Having the right insurance is one way to protect yourself. Also consider having good lighting, so people are less likely to trip and fall. There’s nothing wrong with making your home spooky for the holiday, but avoid anything that could really give someone a serious scare. You don’t want them to run or jump to the point that they trip and injure themselves. If someone does get hurt on your property, be sure to talk with your insurance agent so you know what kind of coverage you have and what you can do from a financial standpoint.

For more information on homeowners insurance and tips to keep you and your guests safe any time of year, contact Humble & Davenport Insurance today.

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