Got a Cold? Use These Home Remedies

Tips to Help Kick Your Cold

Caught a cold in cold and flu season? Anyone who has had to drag themselves into work with a stuffy head, running nose, and a blazing temperature will know that January is often the time when people get sick. From burning candles at both ends during the holidays to employees never missing a day at the start of the New Year, colds can spread like wildfire.

Fortunately, with a little TLC and these 5 natural treatments, you can kick a cold and stop it in its tracks – pronto!

Drink hot tea. Tea contains bacteria-fighting compounds in tea while the warm liquid soothes a sore throat and alleviates congestion! Try green tea or hot water with lemon to stay hydrated while helping out with that stuffy nose!

Eat fresh. Eating fresh vegetables and fruit can help your body to kick your cold and start feeling its best again. Instead of loading up on junk and comfort foods, choose nutritious, whole-foods, plant-based meals to see how quickly you can shift your cold.

Take a steamy shower. The condensation and steam moisturize your nasal passages and relaxes you. For best results, add a few drops of eucalyptus to alleviate congestion.

Down Vitamin C. Load up on oranges, orange juice, and citrus fruits to replenish your vitamin C levels. This aids your immune system so that you can have a speedy recovery!

Stay rested. Lastly, but most importantly, rest! When you come down with a cold or flu, resting will allow your immune system to battle the virus quickly and efficiently. Put down your gym gear and snuggle under a blanket.

If you find yourself sniffling, sneezing, and wheezing, be sure to use the tips above for a healthy recovery during cold season! For all of your insurance needs this season, contact the team at Humble & Davenport Insurance.

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