How to Get Your Home Ready for Barbecue Season

Get Your Home Ready for Summer Parties

Now that the days are longer, the sun is shining, and the temperature is higher, it’s time to get out in the garden if you haven’t already. We’re about to enter summer, which can only mean one thing to homeowners – barbecue parties. If you’re thinking of hosting a barbecue party (or several) this season, you’ll want to ensure your home is up to scratch. To adequately prepare, review your home insurance in Renton to make sure you have reliable coverage and then tend to your back garden.

Mow the lawn

You may find that your lawn is looking in need of a trim, so now’s the time to think about mowing it for the first time this season. Be sure to tidy up the toys that your pets or children left out on the grass and check for any holes or dips that could cause uneven footing. Also, take the time to trim overhanging branches and shrubs near the grill which could pose a fire safety threat.

Install outdoor lighting

Lights are a must for backyard entertaining since even mid-afternoon parties can carry on well into the evening. Fortunately, lights aren’t too hard to find and install. Ensure that you have ample lighting around the grill, walkways, and entryways to prevent any accidents and falls.

Think about shelter

Not everyone wants to eat their barbecue in the baking sun. Put up umbrellas or invite guests to eat indoors if the weather is too hot.

Get the grill ready

If your barbecue has been sitting quietly all winter long, you’ll want to give it a thorough cleaning before lighting the first fire. Wash associated utensils, the grill, and ensure that the gas tank is on stable ground if it has one.

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