What General Liability Insurance in Renton Does Not Cover

Find out what General Liability Insurance in Renton typically doesn’t cover for businesses.

As a business owner, you know that you need certain coverage in place to keep things running smoothly. You’ve even purchased high limits to ensure that your company isn’t in danger of financial strain. But, do you know where your coverage lacks? Even though General Liability Insurance in Renton is a must for businesses, there are some circumstances that this insurance does not cover.

Damage to your property

Imagine winds picking up in a storm, sending debris straight through your glass window, and destroying important computers and phones. When and if this happens, don’t turn to your General Liability Insurance to cover the damages, as it only covers third-party property damage. To cover personal business property in such an incidence, you’ll need Commercial Property Insurance for protection from fire, theft, and natural disasters.

Employee injuries

If your employee trips, slips, falls, or if your office worker developed carpal tunnel syndrome, you’ll need Workers’ Compensation to pay for his or her medical expenses, physical therapy, and some lost wages. General Liability Insurance is there to cover non-employee bodily injuries only.

Vehicle damage

If your team makes deliveries or picks up equipment, they will need to be on the road often. If your new delivery van gets into an accident, you won’t be able to turn to your General Liability Insurance or Personal Auto Insurance for support. For such coverage, you’ll need Commercial Auto Insurance.

Professional mistakes

We’re all human, and we all make mistakes. Unfortunately, in a business environment, clients can sue if they have lost significant money or assets because of your mix-up. Professional Liability Insurance is there to protect your business from mistakes.

As a business owner, take it in your hands to prevent accidents and gaps in coverage. With the right practices and reliable insurance in Renton, WA, your business can stay safe. Visit Humble & Davenport Insurance to get started on securing the right policy for your business.

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