Fall Is Around the Corner. Are YOU Ready?

getty-full-getty-3698-177657596-jpg (2)Football season is here, autumn will soon be in the air and it is time to get your house ready for the fall. Here are a few tips to help get your home ready for the changing seasons.

  • Change your furnace filters. These filters are very inexpensive and can help make your furnace more efficient. That will save you money and keep you warmer!
  • Check your windows and doors for any cracks that may need to be sealed. You’ll also want to take a good look around your garage door and foundation. Leaks can mean escaping warmth and can let unwanted critters inside.
  • Fall is a good time to give your house a good cleaning. With cooler weather ahead, your house will likely be closed up more often. Now is a good time to get rid of that summer dust.
  • It is time to move those outdoors items in. This includes lawn furniture, your grill, umbrellas and the kids toys.

Fall is also a good time to have a homeowners insurance review. Contact us and we will be happy to check details of your coverage. We are Humble & Davenport Insurance and we serve the Renton, Washington area.

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