Expensive Traffic Tickets Cost More Than Just the Ticket

One of the most expensive traffic tickets a driver can get is not a speeding ticket. In fact, in many instances, a person is not going very fast at all when triggering the ticket. However, in comparison, a red light ticket is far more expensive than many other traffic violations, some being combined. The cost of a traffic ticket isn’t just the penalty itself. There are also hundreds of dollars packed on top of the penalty including court administration fees, penalty processing fees, filing fees, and case management fees. The total can rack up to well over $600.

Humble & Davenport Insurance can help with automotive and vehicle coverage, even when a customer may have a history of recent tickets. No one wants to get a violation citation, but if one can learn from the lesson there’s no reason to be permanently punished with excessive insurance coverage as well. If you’re in the Washington region, give them a call to see what kind of vehicle insurance coverage is available. There’s no reason to go without coverage, even after getting a ticket.

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