These DIY Car Mistakes Can Cost You Big

Put down the power tools and avoid these DIY car mistakes.

It’s a common complaint: your car is starting to show its age, but you just can’t afford to do a lot of expensive repairs and detailing to make it new again. It’s at this point where motorists choose to do simple repairs themselves instead of taking it into the shop. While this may seem like a good idea, it could end up costing you money in the long-term. When it comes to repairs, there are some DIY car mistakes to avoid.

Don’t make these mistakes:

Disregarding safety: Auto mechanics make car repairs look very easy. Don’t forget that they’re professionally trained. Mechanics safely use jack stands, protective eyewear, and even latex gloves to avoid exposure to chemicals. Unless your garage is host to the necessary safety equipment, don’t make any major repairs.

Ignoring the owner’s manual: Even though there are numerous videos and books available about car repairs, it’s always smart to refer to your owner’s manual. Not all cars require the same type of fluid or replacement parts – and even the same brand but different models need different care and attention.

Not using preventative maintenance: Every car has a maintenance schedule and, if you stick to it, your car will continue to run well for years to come. If you plan on changing your own oil, make sure that you do it as scheduled otherwise you’ll run into a bigger and more expensive problem that you may not be able to handle on your own.

If the repair seems extensive, always make sure that you take it into the shop so that your DIY car mistakes don’t end up costing you big.

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