What to Do If You’re Denied Auto Insurance in Renton, WA

Not all is lost if you’re denied auto insurance in Renton, WA! Use this guide to move forward. 

Auto insurance is imperative; there’s really no avoiding it. While this is the most common way to establish financial responsibility, motorists can get denied auto insurance in Renton, WA. Why? Car insurance companies have the right to deny auto insurance coverage to people that they consider high-risk drivers.

These reasons include:

  • A DUI conviction or other serious traffic violations.
  • Having a serious or injury-causing accident.
  • Having several traffic violations on your driving record.
  • Having poor credit.
  • Possessing a history of insurance violations, including lapses in the car insurance coverage.
  • Owning a high-performance car.

Purchasing Car Insurance After Denial

As most states have car insurance requirements, chances are you’ll need to carry at least the minimum state coverages and limits on your policy. Being denied car insurance coverage is not a valid excuse to drive uninsured. If you want to give yourself the best odds of securing a policy after being denied auto insurance, use these tips.

Shop Around
Even if you get rejected by one car insurer, move onto the next. Don’t give up simply because you got one rejection. (Note: This applies to all aspects of life!)

High-Risk Car Insurance
Car insurance is typically sold in different tiers. If a car insurance company denies you coverage, they’re likely to deny you in the standard tier. There is, however, a high-risk auto insurance tier where you may be able to acquire coverage. Be sure to get multiple quotes to determine the most affordable car insurance you can find.

Adopt Safe Driving Habits
The best way to maintain reliable coverage is to avoid accidents and reduce your risk of being involved in serious claims. Some insurers may cancel your coverage altogether if you get several serious offences, such as a DUI.

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