What Exactly Does Comprehensive Car Insurance Cover?

Is comprehensive car insurance as “comprehensive” as it sounds?

 If you’re considering purchasing comprehensive car insurance or just exploring all of your options, you may be a little curious as to the meaning behind comprehensive. It is, after all, insurance we’re talking about here, and the meaning behind terms might be slightly different than your general definitions. It’s always necessary to do your research and get those terms precisely defined. When you’re in the middle of your selection process, you want to be sure you know what you are and aren’t getting with one policy or another.

So, what does comprehensive car insurance mean exactly? Let’s break it down:

What it covers

Comprehensive car insurance will help cover the repair and/or replacement costs of your vehicle in the following events:

  • Theft
  • Any window or glass damage
  • Any animal-impact damage
  • Non-collision damage to your vehicle, mainly: fire, vandalism, falling objects and some natural disasters

What it doesn’t cover

The following incidents are not covered by comprehensive insurance:

  • Roadside assistance (think: keys locked in your car, getting help changing a tire, or full-scale towing)
  • Theft of personal property from within your car (anything personal can be covered by other insurance, e.g. homeowners)
  • Repair or replacement cost of your car if you hit an object or another vehicle or it rolls over
  • A rental car, in the case yours is out of service

Who needs it?

If you live in a region especially susceptible to any of the “covered” incidents, like an area vulnerable to tornadoes or earthquakes, or a city where vandalism or car theft is rampant, or even deer-crossing country, then comprehensive car insurance is probably worth the investment. And even if you don’t live in any particular susceptible area but are interested in covering all your bases, including comprehensive coverage in your policy may help allay any concerns you have about wider damage to your vehicle.

Wondering about cost? What you pay for comprehensive auto insurance coverage depends on your deductible, and the extent of coverage depends on your car’s actual cash value. Sound confusing? Contact Humble & Davenport Insurance in Renton, Washington to get all your comprehensive terms and numbers straight!

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