Common Car Seat Questions – Answered!

Find out the answers to common car seat questions.

New parents have a lot on their mind. With new responsibilities and tasks that come with newfound parenthood, some of us feel completely overwhelmed when it comes to the important things, such as car seat selection, installation, and proper usage. With that said, there are common car seat questions that every parent should know the answer to.

Read on for the answers to your car seat queries!

Where is the safest place to install a car seat?

Typically, the center rear seat is the safest place for a car seat. If possible, use the lower anchors and tethers to attach the car seat. If your car doesn’t have a latch connector for a middle seat, you can use the middle seat belt to properly secure the base. When installing, press down firmly on the car seat base and tighten the belt to ensure that it does not move more than an inch from side to side.

How can I be sure that my child is secure?

It’s important to keep the harness snug around your child when in the vehicle. You can perform the ‘pinch test’ to determine if you’ve tightened it enough: if you can pinch the harness straps at the shoulder and can gather material, it’s too loose. If this is the case, be sure to secure it down and fasten the belts tighter.

How long can I keep a car seat?

Did you know that car seats expire? Before you purchase a second-hand car seat or use a hand-me-down, it’s a good idea to check that the car seat is still safe. You can typically find this date on the back or the side of the car seat.

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