Choosing Winter Wines for Your Holiday Celebrations

One of the merriest trends of the holiday season is the serving of winter wines. Vintages that are best served during this chilly season include warm and sweet varieties, as well as bubbly bottles. Consider a Zinfandel with hints of spice and black cherry for a filling beverage to match the heavy foods of holiday parties. For fruity white wines, choose a vintage with subtle tones of apple, pear, or citrus for a fine match to Christmas desserts. When it comes time to pop a cork for the new year, remember to have a great vintage of champagne on ice.

You can order wines online by the case, as an alternative to dealing with the hectic holiday shopping season in stores. Consider that some states prohibit the sale of online wines, so check your state’s status before attempting to make a purchase. By buying in bulk cases, you can also save money on your purchase.

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