Participate in Humble & Davenport Insurance’s Holiday Food Drive

Join us as we collect food for the Salvation Army Renton Rotary Food Bank. The holidays are all about giving, and we always strive to give back to those in need.  This year, we are collecting food items to donate to the Salvation Army Renton Rotary Food Bank.  Please join us and bring in non-perishable Read More

Summer Restaurant Reminders: Strawberry Tips & Restaurant Insurance in Seattle

The perfect summer combo for your restaurant: tips to keep your strawberries from molding and restaurant insurance in Seattle. As a restaurant owner, you fight a constant battle. You want to serve up the freshest ingredients, but you also know that fresh food has the tendency to spoil quickly. In the summer, people seem to Read More

Is Your Building Covered By Restaurant Insurance in Seattle?

Your building should be protected from harm and damage with restaurant insurance in Seattle. The restaurateur faces many financial risks the moment that they unlock the door and turn on the lights. The passion for cooking can be immediately cut short when something goes wrong, and your customer decides to bring an action against you Read More

Essential Restaurant Apps for Every Foodie

Download these apps that will are ideal for finding dining to satisfying your needs. When it comes to deciding on where to eat out, there are two kinds of people: those who go back to the same restaurant that they know and love, and those who cruise the main street until they find some off-kilter Read More

What Does Restaurant Insurance in Seattle, WA Cover?

Protect your business with quality restaurant insurance! Great insurance for restaurants is as important to the future of your business as an irresistible menu and stellar customer reviews. However, if your policy is outdated or inadequate, you could be risking it all. As a restaurant owner, your plate is already pretty full. You don’t want Read More