How Important Is Restaurant Insurance to Stay Cool Amidst the Summer Heat?

Every restaurant owner who wants to stay in business needs insurance for protection against potential lawsuits and disasters. Risks increase for restaurants when they serve alcohol, which can attract aggressive crowds, particularly if there’s a dance floor and a DJ who encourages drinking. Here’s a look at the importance of having restaurant insurance in Seattle, Read More

What You Should Know About Restaurant Insurance in Seattle, WA

Every business that serves food or drinks should look into restaurant insurance in Seattle, WA. With the high risks of kitchen accidents, injuries, and foodborne illnesses, getting adequate coverage to protect your hard-earned assets from expensive lawsuits and liability claims is advisable. Here’s what you should know about restaurant insurance in Seattle, WA. #1. What Read More

Common Restaurant Insurance Claims and Tips to Avoid Them

The restaurant industry encounters 6,000 to 8,000 fires per year. Many of these fires are preventable through proactive disaster preparedness planning. Fire is a complex topic with insurance companies because of the various ways fires can start. Here’s a look at fire and other common restaurant insurance claims in Seattle, WA. Kitchen fires Kitchens are Read More

Risk Management Strategies for Restaurant Owners

The restaurant industry is rife with risks that can potentially lead to huge financial losses. Therefore, one of the secrets of running a successful restaurant business is having a comprehensive risk management plan. The plan should cover everything from liquor liability lawsuits to third-party property loss or bodily injury. Remember, a single accident or incident Read More

How to Breeze Through Your Next Restaurant Health Inspection

Local public health departments across the country regularly inspect restaurants and other businesses that serve food to the public. These inspections are based on health regulations that apply to the preparation, processing, production, packaging, and storage of food products. They aim to improve food safety and protect consumers from the threat of foodborne diseases. How Read More

Participate in Humble & Davenport Insurance’s Holiday Food Drive

Join us as we collect food for the Salvation Army Renton Rotary Food Bank. The holidays are all about giving, and we always strive to give back to those in need.  This year, we are collecting food items to donate to the Salvation Army Renton Rotary Food Bank.  Please join us and bring in non-perishable Read More

Summer Restaurant Reminders: Strawberry Tips & Restaurant Insurance in Seattle

The perfect summer combo for your restaurant: tips to keep your strawberries from molding and restaurant insurance in Seattle. As a restaurant owner, you fight a constant battle. You want to serve up the freshest ingredients, but you also know that fresh food has the tendency to spoil quickly. In the summer, people seem to Read More