Tips to Create an Exit Strategy for Your Small Business

In the U.S., about 50% of small businesses fail within the first five years of their existence due to various challenges, including, among others, lack of adequate financing, no market demand, and stiff competition. Despite these challenges, some small businesses do grow and thrive over time. Even if your business is doing well, your business Read More

How Can I Save Money on Business Insurance?

Protect Your Business While Saving Money   For most businesses, every dollar has to be accounted for. Business owners don’t want to spend unnecessarily high overhead costs that eat into their profits every month. While your business has to be insured, the right policies don’t have to break the bank. Are you interested in learning Read More

7 Types of Commercial Insurance Policies You Need to Protect Your Business

To build a successful business, you need to take calculated risks as well as mitigate existing business risks. One catastrophic event or lawsuit can wipe out a business. However, with the right mix of insurance policies, you can protect your business against many of the devastating risks, according to a recent article published in Forbes Read More

8 Ways to Stay Engaged in a Fast-Moving World

Every year comes with different things to offer, both good and bad. However, 2020 completely threw most Americans off-balance, and some of them haven’t yet recovered from the effects. As of February 2021, a whopping 10.1 million Americans were still unemployed, as reported by Forbes Media. During periods of turmoil and uncertainty, staying engaged can Read More

Types of Commercial Insurance Coverages You Need to Protect Your Business

As a business owner, you know that you need insurance coverage to protect your new venture. Although you know you need to protect your property, liability risks, and finances, you may not necessarily understand the ins and outs of the different coverage options available. To help you get situated with reliable coverage to protect your Read More

How to Find Affordable Home Insurance for Your First Property

If you’re in the middle of purchasing your first property, congratulations! Although everything may seem overwhelming right now, it will all be worth it when you’re settled in the house of your dreams. When you’re busy house hunting and scrupulously managing finances, it’s easy to forget one of the key elements of your home purchase: Read More

7 Ways to Keep Your Home Warm Without Big Energy Bills This Winter

When the winter comes, we all tend to reach to turn up the thermostat more often. The cool weather shuts us inside and tempts us to crank up the heat and not worry about it. That certainly works, but then the huge energy bill comes in a month later making us wonder why we drained Read More