4 Basic Questions Related to Homeowners Insurance

If you own your home, you have invested a large amount of time and money into maintaining it. A fire or an accident involving someone visiting your home can lead to costly expenses that put your financial future in jeopardy. This is why having sufficient homeowners insurance coverage is so important. The first goal of Read More

5 Factors that Influence Your Homeowners Insurance Premiums

When you’re shopping for homeowners insurance, you’ll want to compare quotes and go with an affordable plan that satisfies your coverage needs. However, it’s also important to have a basic idea of how insurance premiums are calculated since they do impact the total cost of insuring your property. Keep in mind that insurance premium rates Read More

Why Do I Need Separate Flood and Earthquake Insurance Policies?

A number of disasters are covered by your homeowners insurance in Renton, WA. However, every policy has its limits. Most standard homeowners insurance policies exclude flood and earthquake damage because they are considered mass-destruction events. If you live in a flood zone or an area prone to earthquakes, you will need to purchase separate flood insurance Read More

The Insurance You Need When Working From Home

A massive number of American workers are remote working more than ever before. Amid the coronavirus pandemic, businesses have enforced home working to help everyone stay safe. While some have returned to work, others are still leveraging home working. For some, they have taken a leap of faith and started their own business from the Read More

5 Reasons Why Your Home Insurance Claim Would Be Rejected

When disaster strikes, life can suddenly get overwhelming and frustrating. Dealing with property damage can be difficult enough. So when your home insurance claim gets rejected, it can madden even the calmest of us. There are several reasons why a claim may be rejected, and it’s worthwhile knowing why a claim could be denied so Read More

How Often Should You Paint Your House?

Painting your home can be inconvenient, expensive, and time-consuming, but it is often easier than it seems. It’s a good investment that extends the integrity and aesthetic of your single greatest asset. Exterior paint is also your house’s first defense against the elements, while the interior paint creates an impression on everyone who steps inside. Read More

What New Homeowners Should Do Within the First Year of Moving In

Purchasing a new home means a lot of added responsibility. When you move into your first property, you may be tempted to throw up the decorations and host a party, but there are a few essential things to do first. As well as checking you have enough homeowners insurance in Renton, WA, here are some Read More