Important Tips to Help Your Startup Tech Company

Establishing a business comes with general risks. Those risks are magnified depending on the type of industry that you are operating in. The tech industry is known for its unpredictability. These tips will help your company navigate the process to achieve long-term success. Many tech startup companies have to endure a difficult road. Securing the Read More

What Will Happen If Your Startup Does Not Have Business Insurance?

Trying to operate a startup without business insurance is quite similar to gambling at a casino. No one knows the result of any gamble until it unfolds, but odds usually point to losing money. A startup can be sued or fined for more than the company’s net worth. Here are key reasons why a startup Read More

4 Ways to Secure Your Business Against Product Liability Claims

Businesses that supply products to customers, including manufacturers, suppliers, and retailers, are exposed to product liability lawsuits. In 2019, for instance, American consumers filed more than 56,000 such cases, resulting in millions in insured losses. It’s worth noting that in the personal injury space, only medical malpractice cases generate higher median awards than personal liability Read More

5 Often Ignored E-commerce Risks (And How to Mitigate Them)

To maximize your e-commerce revenue and minimize losses, you have to streamline your budget and keep up with industry trends and benchmarks. Things could go wrong in these areas without a proper mitigation strategy, but they’re not the only risks you should be worried about. For example, have you considered the possibility of being sued Read More

Washington’s Ban on Credit-based Insurance Scores to Hurt Consumers

If you live in Washington and have had a stellar credit score for some time now, you may be facing higher insurance costs for the next three years. Neither you nor your insurer is at fault for the highly probable hike in your homeowners, renters, or auto insurance premium rates. Here’s a look at the Read More

Tips for Avoiding Common Business Scams

Many businesses have shifted to working remotely due to the pandemic. This workplace transformation has forced many businesses to adopt new protocols and procedures that amplify their exposure to fraud losses and cyberattacks. A recent study from Harvard  revealed that 16% of workers in the United States intend to continue working remotely even after the Read More

Key Insurance Policies to Help You Boost Your Small Business

Small businesses can boost business with insurance policy investments geared toward overcoming the many hurdles they face year-to-year, including stiff competition, litigation, and stringent regulations. Without a proper success strategy, the vast majority of these enterprises don’t have a very promising long-term outlook. Only 80% of small businesses make it past the first 12 months, Read More