3 Ways to Maintain Your Car’s Value

Protect Your Car From Depreciation   It’s no secret that a car’s value plummets as soon as it’s driven off the lot. In fact, some experts suggest that the average car loses 15 to 25 percent of its value every year for the first 5 years. Everything from storage to service records can influence a Read More

Toys for Tots

Join us as we collect donations for Toys for Tots. We are excited to be working with Toys For Tots to help collect toys for children in our local community. We are hosting a collection box in our office to make it very easy for everyone to donate. Every donation helps make a huge difference to so Read More

Tips for Making Your New Year’s Resolutions

How to Make and Stick to Your 2019 Resolutions  Chances are at some time in your life, you’ve made a New Year’s resolution – and then you’ve broken it. You can make 2019 one of your best years yet by sticking to your goals, whatever they are. For tips on how to make and keep Read More

Top Appliances Around the House That Can Spark a House Fire

Home Appliances That Can Cause Fires  Fire safety continues to be an issue across the nation. Many homeowners are becoming aware of the fire risks in their properties, from electrical faults to unattended candles. The more knowledge we have about fire causes and preventable tips, the better we can safeguard our homes. Did you know that Read More

Thanksgiving Safety Tips for a Road Trip

Tips to Drive Safely to Your Thanksgiving Destination Thanksgiving is right around the corner which means that millions of Americans will be getting in the car to get to their Thanksgiving destination. Congested roads are to be expected over the holidays but the last thing you want is for an accident or breakdown to happen. To keep Read More

How to Be an Environmentally-Friendly Small Business

Eco-Friendly Tips for Businesses Ever since the UN warned us that we have just 12 years to limit the climate change catastrophe, the need for environmentally-friendly practices has never been greater. We were given an ultimatum to either change our habits or face irreversible environmental damage after a dozen years. If we continue the way Read More

Americans’ Interest in Self-Driving Cars Plummets

Americans Fearful of Autonomous Vehicles It wasn’t that long ago that Americans were ‘ooh’-ing and ‘ahh’-ing over autonomous vehicles. A self-driving vehicle that could free up driver time, reduce deaths, and save motorists on insurance claims – what’s not to love, right? Surprisingly, there is a lot to be questioned when it comes to self-driving Read More