What Your Business Should Know About Cyber Attacks in 2018

Keep Your Business Safe From Cyber Attacks 

‘Cyber attacks’ is a hot buzzword at the moment, often striking fear into the heart of many business owners. Numerous cyber attacks make the press, but they are more frequent than the media can keep up with, happening to both small, medium, and large businesses. While your company should keep up to date with the latest in the digital world to protect itself, here’s what you need to know about cyber attacks in 2018.

They’re on the rise.

No business is immune to cyber attacks. With the rise of technology in businesses, hackers are finding new and inventive ways to hack systems, steal data, and disrupt businesses. New devices, software, and hardware give hackers more opportunity, and since every business is online these days, there is plenty of chance.

They’re expensive.

Recovering data is no small fete, and it can be incredibly expensive and time-consuming for businesses. Small businesses, in particular, may struggle with these costs and may end up having to close its doors after just one cyber attack. What’s more, the business’s reputation may take a nosedive once word gets out that data has been compromised.

Ransomware is common.

Ransomware is where data is held hostage by hackers, only releasing the data back to the company for a sum of funds. This is happening to businesses across the boards who do not keep their data well-protected. Many businesses end up paying the funds and struggle to recover their reputation and finances.

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