Bob Davenport

Bob has been with Humble and Davenport longer than anyone else, with twenty three years of exceptional service to the company! He is not only the President of the company but is also a very dedicated Commercial Agent! Bob has two daughters Breena and Britnee that he is very proud of and has also recently became a father to an extremely playful kitten named Abbee. When Bob is not in the office he enjoys traveling to new places with his wife Dorcee, and is also a bit of a wine connoisseur. On sunny days in Seattle you will most likely see him driving around with the top down on his Volkswagen Beetle, or sitting on his patio taking in Washington’s breath taking scenery. However, when it does what is does best in Washington, you will find Bob watching sports on T.V. and cheering on his favorite teams! Bob is not all work and play though. He also donates a great deal of his time to various charity drives throughout the year, and is a very active member of our community!

Bob Davenport
Husky Fan, Travel Nut, and President!
Direct Phone: (425)226-8221 Ext.216

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