About Beth Paulsen!

Beth is our Receptionist and is the newest member of our team! She is brand new to the insurance business and is determined to soak in as much knowledge from her accomplished colleagues as she can! Insurance isn’t the only subject Beth is studying. She is also very dedicated to reading up on different ways to improve her health and fitness. Being healthy is not just a hobby for Beth, It is her life style. So you can bet when she’s not in the office you will find her either at the gym, or running around with the love of her life, her English Bull Terrier Tyson.  Beth is also an avid shoe collector, and loves spending any free time she has soaking up the sun on the lake, or hopping on the back of her boyfriend’s motorcycle for a quick adrenaline rush!

Fitness Guru, Animal Lover, and Receptionist!
Direct Phone: (425)226-8221 Ext. 201
Email: Beth@Humbledavenport.com

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