Be Safe This Fourth of July!

American fag and fireworksThe Fourth of July is a time to show your patriotism, celebrate independence, spend time with your family and friends, and have a great time.  During this celebration, many things can take a turn for the worst and terminate your fun.  There are a few tips that you can use as guidelines to help you keep yourself and everyone around you safe during the Fourth of July.

5. Swimming

Before you dive in, you should never swim alone.  If you intend on letting your children participate in water activities, make sure your children are supervised at all times.

4. Fireworks

Fireworks are a symbol of the Fourth of July that many people are familiar with.  You should only use fireworks on a designated area, and if fireworks are approved for use in your neighborhood, children need to be kept a safe distance of at least 25 to 40 feet which is known as the safety zone.

3. Alcohol

People who consume alcohol on a regular basis have a tendency to consume twice the amount of alcohol they normally would during the holidays.  Alcohol mixed with anything, especially fireworks is a bad idea.  If you have consumed a few alcoholic beverages, it will be in your best interest to have a designated person to do the fireworks.

2. Outdoors

There is nothing like being outdoors on the Fourth of July.  When you are outside, make sure your food and beverages are covered, and ensure that you have an emergency anaphylaxis kit nearby.

1. Sunscreen

Sunscreen is a major factor during the Fourth of July that many people forget about.  Sunscreen is an essential part of celebrating outdoors because your skin needs to be protected from the UV rays of the sun.  The sunscreen you choose should have an SPF factor, (sun protection factor), of at least 15.

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