Auto Theft: Is Your Car Safe?

Next to a home, a car is the most valuable thing most people are likely to own in their lifetime, so it only stands to reason that people tend to worry about whether or not it is safe from theft. If you own a high theft vehicle or live in a high crime area, that worry can grow to near-panic.

The good news is that auto theft is currently at an all-time low, thanks in large part to technology. While anti-theft devices were once attached to only the most expensive cars, often at considerable expense themselves, now they are standard safety equipment on most cars, even the most economical ones, regardless of whether or not they are considered a high theft vehicle..

Even with technology, however, there is still cause for concern about theft. Auto parts are expensive, and thieves can strip down a stolen car very quickly and sell the parts for a big profit. In this interest of working quickly, though, thieves tend to seek the path of least resistance. This means that you can discourage theft by doing something as simple as remembering to lock the door, raise the windows and hide your valuables from sight.

One of the best things to do to insure the safety of your vehicle is to have good auto insurance, so contact Humble & Davenport Insurance to get a quote today!

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