How To Keep Your Food Truck From Going Up in Flames

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Fire Safety For Food Trucks

Food trucks have been increasing in popularity for years. With gourmet food that can be found right on the street, people are searching out the newest and hottest food trucks. If you are thinking of opening your own food truck to showcase your culinary talents, it is important to consider all the risks that are associated with your new business endeavor, including a fire. Keep these fire prevention tips in mind so that you can continue delighting customers with your tasty treats.

  • Install and properly maintain a UL 300 compliant automatic fire suppression system to help minimize the amount of damage that will occur if a fire breaks out. These systems will automatically dispense chemicals to keep flames under control. They are also equipped with a manual switch.
  • Get your exhaust ducts professionally cleaned at least once a year, since built up grease can be a major fire risk. If you have any equipment that uses solid fuels, such as charcoal or wood, they should be cleaned every month.
  • Make sure that your fryer is at least 16 inches away from a char-grill, gas stove, or other appliance that has an open flame. If you do not have the room to do so, install an 8 inch stainless steel baffle between the appliances.
  • Equip all of your fryers with a high temperature shut off switch to prevent any oil from overheating and causing serious issues.
  • Keep Type K fire extinguishers for cooking fires, and Type A and B fire extinguishers for any other fire that may break out.
  • Store any combustible items, such as trash, rags, flammable gases and oils, and plastics away from power sources or hot surfaces.

Having the right commercial auto insurance policy can help to keep you protected in case of a fire on your food truck. Contact Humble & Davenport Insurance in Renton, Washington for all of your commercial auto insurance needs.


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