Are Your Kids Safely Using Social Media? Essential Tips to Prepare Parents and Kids

Keeping Your Kids Safe on Social Media


The digital era has enabled children to grow up in a hugely connected world with information at their fingertips. Although the internet and social media sites can be engaging, entertaining, and educational, they can also be incredibly dangerous for kids. The most important thing parents can do is talk to their children about the risks of social media and how to stay aware.


Respect the age limit

Most social media platforms have an age limit of 13+, but many parents do not stick to this rule. If you set up your 11-year-old child’s profile as a 13-year-old, you’re teaching your child it’s okay to bend the rules. Stick to the rules and only let them create a profile when they’re able.


Set parental controls

There are many social media monitoring apps available to help you keep an eye on your child’s social media usage without being intrusive. Net Nanny, My Mobile Watch Dog, and Symantec Norton Family Premier are among the top-rated.


Establish privacy settings

It’s a good idea to have your kids limit what people can see on their profiles. Social media profiles are highly customizable, and hiding personal details (birthdays, addresses, schools they attend) can cut down the risk of identity theft and stalking.


Educate your children on the dangers of social media and encourage them to talk to you if something is wrong. For all of your insurance needs this season, contact the team at Humble & Davenport Insurance.

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