Are You Prepared For The Next Emergency?

Update your Renton, WA home inventory by following these steps.

While most people know that their home insurance policy will provide coverage for their house, they are surprised to find out that the policy will also provide protection for what they keep in their home. Creating a home inventory for your personal belongings is the best way to ensure that you have the right amount of coverage. Keep these emergency preparedness tips in mind to help you create the right home inventory for all of your assets.

  • Record it – walk through each room in your house and record each item that you find. Talk over the video to describe each item and what it is worth. Make sure to zoom in on the name of the item and any serial numbers.
  • Take a picture – if you don’t have a video camera, don’t worry. Use can use a regular camera in the same way. Take a picture of each item, including any special details. Consider putting a note next to the item in the picture that includes the value.
  • Make an electronic file – many insurance companies have smartphone apps that will allow you to create an inventory right on your phone. There are also free online apps that will work in the same way and will allow you to access your inventory no matter where you are.
  • Store it safely – your inventory, or at least a copy of it, should be stored outside of your house in a secure place in case your house is completely destroyed. Keep a copy of your inventory at a trusted family members house or in a safety deposit box so that you will always have access to it.

Along with creating a detailed home inventory, checking to make sure that you have the right amount of homeowners insurance can help to give you the peace on mind that you need. Contact Humble & Davenport in Renton, Washington for all of your home insurance needs.

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