Are Tenants or Landlords Responsible for Shoveling Snow?

Whether a landlord or a tenant is responsible for shoveling snow may be based on many things. Tenants will need to consult with their lease regarding this, and landlords may want to consider making sure that their lease covers the topic. 

In general, single-family homes will usually require that the tenant shovels the snow while multi-family units such as apartment buildings and townhomes will usually have a service that shovels the snow. There may also be some laws and regulations regarding who needs to shovel snow and how it needs to be done.

Tenants that are in properties with a residential manager may want to consult with the manager regarding whether they need to shovel their own snow. Meanwhile, it’s very likely that those that rent homes will need to bust out the shovel. The easiest way to resolve this question is to simply contact the landlord to find out more.

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