The Best Apps for Every Road Trip!

Smartphone apps for any and every cross-town, cross-state, or cross-country adventure.

Now that spring is in full swing, many people are planning road trips and vacations to fill their summer. While packing clothes and toiletries is essential, be sure to download these smartphone apps for every road trip before you leave!

Gas Buddy
Driving in unfamiliar territories may mean that you don’t always stop at the most affordable gas station. Luckily, with this app, you can search gas prices near your current location, or by the city. You can view gas stations on a map or in list format.

This app is known to shave hours off any road trip. Updated by users in real time, Waze alerts you to watching policemen or hazards on the road and diverts you around standstill traffic, all the while directing you onwards!

Keep friends and family in the loop when it comes to your whereabouts using Twist! When you share Twist with someone, they can note your location, see you shared photos, send messages, and get venue and weather details. This app is particularly helpful if you’re trying to coordinate multiple cars full of people!

Forget the radio and Pandora’s music station. This app offers a stream of podcasts guaranteed to keep everyone in your car entertained! With playlists compiled from moods, artists, and genres, this is an essential for any road trip.

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