Americans’ Interest in Self-Driving Cars Plummets

Americans Fearful of Autonomous Vehicles

It wasn’t that long ago that Americans were ‘ooh’-ing and ‘ahh’-ing over autonomous vehicles. A self-driving vehicle that could free up driver time, reduce deaths, and save motorists on insurance claims – what’s not to love, right? Surprisingly, there is a lot to be questioned when it comes to self-driving vehicles. Less than half of Americans (43 percent) are interested in utilizing autonomous vehicles, down from 53 percent in 2017. So, why the sudden lack of interest?

The plummet in interest is primarily due to safety concerns, along with cost, lack of familiarity, and bad publicity. The recent high-profile crashes involving self-driving cars have caused the American’s interest in them to dwindle. After all, one of the largest reasons to enjoy a self-driving car is to prevent crashes and save lives. After numerous reported crashes and deaths from these test vehicles, it’s no surprise that there have been serious concerns raised.

Americans were asked about the safety concerns, and only 52 percent said that they are confident that the technology will develop safely enough to consider trading in their current vehicle for a self-driving one. A surprising 87 percent said that they favored a human always being behind the wheel.

We’ve seen how technology can flourish and transform our lives for the better, and we’ve also seen companies jump ahead and test new tech that isn’t fit for us – or our roads – just yet.

Until autonomous vehicles become a tangible reality, the best ways to stay safe on the road are to practice safe driving skills and secure auto insurance. Located in Renton, Humble & Davenport Insurance serves all of your auto insurance needs. Contact us to get started.

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