A little bit about us!

We know that insurance may not be your favorite thing to think about—in fact it is not a lot of fun for most people. However, at Humble & Davenport Insurance, we strive to be part of the community. We are your neighborhood insurance broker. Whether you are looking for auto, life, commercial or especially homeowner’s insurance, we are here for you and ready to answer any question that may occur.

While you can log on the internet and look into the insurance options available, this will not always get you the best deal and you may not get the coverage you need. Do not struggle with trying to find insurance on your own, feel free to call or contact us at any time and let us put together a plan to insure you, your family or your business. When you have your insurance needs taken care of, you can relax and enjoy the business of having fun.

For more information about homeowner’s insurance in the Renton, Washington area, please Contact Bob Davenport Insurance at Humble & Davenport Insurance.


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