6 Home Swimming Pool Safety Tips for Summer

There’s nothing quite like having a dip in your own pool on a warm summer’s day. While the sun is shining, many of us adopt a care-free attitude. However, all homeowners and parents should keep a sharp eye on safety when they have their own backyard pool. To protect your loved ones and your pocket, take a look at these few pool safety tips for summer.


Pool Safety Tips for a Safe and Fun Summer


  • Install a fence around your pool that keeps unwanted visitors out. The fence should have a self-latching gate, too. Remove furniture from around the fence that can be used to step on to climb over.
  • Keep your pool well maintained so that it is safe to use before you and the kids get in.
  • Always supervise children – even if they are confident swimmers. If you are hosting a backyard party, have the adults take it in turns to supervise the children in the pool.
  • Enforce poolside safety, such as tidying away toys, cleaning up spills, and never running around the edge of the pool.
  • For babies, toddlers, and children who cannot swim, use buoyancy aids that give a degree of independence, such as seats, arm bands, swim vests, and float boards.
  • Know what to do in an emergency – and have the all the equipment necessary. A first aid kit and a lifebuoy should be located near your pool.


With these safety tips, you can help to keep your pool and loved ones safe this summer! Talk to your insurer about your property to understand what coverage you need when you have a backyard pool. Insurance doesn’t have to be hard to find. When you need to find coverage to suit your budget, talk to the professionals at Humble & Davenport Insurance today.

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