5 Smartphone Apps You Need This Season

Summer Smartphone Apps

Now that summer is here, you are probably spending more time outside than you are in front of a computer screen. However, you still probably have your smartphone on you at all times. Consider downloading these essential smartphone apps this season.

  1. Amazon Kindle – laying outside is the best place to enjoy a good book. However, carrying around a book wherever you go can take up a lot of space. Downloading the Amazon Kindle app allows you to always have access to your library, no matter where you are vacationing.
  2. Grill-It! – backyard BBQs are a summer staple. If you are new to the grilling world, Grill-It! is the best way to get familiar with the grill and learn some new recipes that your friends and family are sure to love. If you have a question about your meal, you can also email or Tweet the company.
  3. Hotel Tonight – if you are a little too tired to drive the rest of the way home, or want to take a spontaneous trip, Hotel Tonight is the answer. The app allows you to book a room the same night at largely discounted prices.
  4. Fitness Buddy – if you are traveling around this summer and do not have access to your usual gym, don’t worry! Fitness Buddy features over 1,700 different exercises and 1,000 SD videos to keep up with your fitness routine while on the road.
  5. The Weather Channel – running into bad weather can put a serious damper on your vacation. With The Weather Channel app, you will have up to the minute information on the current weather conditions of wherever you are headed.

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