4 Ways to Connect with Your Family by Unplugging

Improve Family Connection by Unplugging


Technology is expected to connect us – and it does, to a certain extent. However, there’s alarming new research that shows some technology can hinder our relationships and move family members further apart. Have you ever been talking to someone and their eyes remain fixated on their phone and you know they are barely listening? It can be difficult for families to connect when technology is in the way. To improve your bond, learn how to unplug.


Lay the foundation to use tech less. Families should openly discuss how technology is impacting their lives and agree on what an appropriate amount of screen time is. When creating the family schedule, discuss the importance of keeping up with tech-free activities, such as going outside. These talks can help you establish limits.


Take a break from TV dinners

Allowing children to use a screen during dinner, particularly in a public place, has become an emotional pacifier. It creates a way for the child to be distracted while they eat, meaning they aren’t engaging with others around them or being mindful of their food. If your child is used to eating in front of a screen, now may be the time to gradually wean them off it.


Get competitive

Children love a good competition – so use this to your advantage. See who can go the longest without picking up their phone. The winner gets to choose a tech-free activity for the whole family to do.


Venture in the great outdoors

Instead of sitting down for an afternoon in front of the TV, choose to get the whole family outside for a walk. Walking boasts benefits like lowering depression and cardiovascular disease, while too much screen time is linked to weight gain. Leave the phone at home – even if the sunset is gorgeous.


There are plenty of creative ways to get your family away from the screen and, instead, talking and bonding. Let us know some of your favorite strategies! For all of your personal and commercial insurance needs, contact the team at Humble & Davenport Insurance.

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