3 Ways to Make Your Small Business Stand Out

Make Your Business Stand Out From The Competition

Small business owners have an uphill battle when it comes to promotion. They have big companies to compete with and many tasks to juggle at once. Fortunately, there is still a lot businesses can do to stand out from the crowd. Here are just a few ideas to get you started.


Offering a product or service no one else does is one way to get customers coming back. Look at your competitors and see what you can be doing differently to them. Can you offer something extra or different that sets your company apart?

Engage on Social Media

When consumers contact a small business on social media, they expect a very personal response. It’s important to engage with your followers on social media so that they see that the business takes on feedback and are professionals online.

Get Involved in Community Events

One of the better ways to get your business’ name known by local residents is by actually mingling with them. Summer is right around the corner, and it’s the season for parades, outdoor art festivals, food festivals, and other gatherings in neighborhoods and cities. Getting involved with the community helps to draw a lot of attention to your business.

These tips can help you to create a business that stands apart from the rest. When you’re looking for the right business insurance, we can help. Contact the experts at Humble & Davenport Insurance today. Our dedicated team serves Renton and the surrounding areas in Washington — Contact us to get started!

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