3 Ways to Help Your Teenage Driver Understand Road Safety

Prepare Your Teenage Driver for the Roads Ahead

Did your child just receive his or her learners permit? While your teen is undoubtedly excited, as a parent you are probably extremely anxious. Your child learning to drive means that you no longer have to be the chauffeur, but you also know how dangerous the roads can be. To help your teenager understand the risks on the road, here are a few tips to consider.

Think outside the box

When teaching your teen how to drive, it’s natural to focus on steering and parking as their main objectives. However, it’s important to think outside the box by remembering to discuss road hazards and how to avoid them. Discuss potential dangers on the road and ensure that your teen knows how to handle these situations.

Limit night driving

Driving at night requires a whole new set of skills for the driver. With the reduced visibility and more drivers on the roads, it’s a good idea to limit your teen’ s driving at night until they feel more comfortable behind the wheel.

Check with your insurance agency

One of the last places call when their teen has a learners permit is their insurance agent. However, agents typically have resources to help teach your child the ins and outs of safety behind the wheel. Talk to your insurance agency to learn if they have any useful resources, and ask about any discounts if your child does complete a safety course.

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