Tips for Creating an IT Disaster Recovery Plan

Getting Your Business Back on Its Feet After a Data Disaster   Today, companies are managing massive amounts of data. The majority of which is crucial to running a business. The impact of losing data from a cyberattack, malware, hardware failure, human error, or a natural disaster can be devastating. If a company suffers from Read More

What is “Proof of Ownership” When Making a Home Insurance Claim?

Get Prepared Before Filing a Home Insurance Claim   If you ever need to file a home insurance claim, it’s worth knowing what to do beforehand. Your insurer will ask you to provide some form of proof of ownership for the items that were damaged or lost. Essentially, you’ll need to document all of your Read More

Are Your Kids Safely Using Social Media? Essential Tips to Prepare Parents and Kids

Keeping Your Kids Safe on Social Media   The digital era has enabled children to grow up in a hugely connected world with information at their fingertips. Although the internet and social media sites can be engaging, entertaining, and educational, they can also be incredibly dangerous for kids. The most important thing parents can do Read More

Warming Winter Soup Recipe: Curried Carrot

Warm Up This Winter with This Delicious Soup   Winter is here and we’re all looking for ways to stay warm. If you’re looking for a quick, easy, and delicious way to warm up, take a peek at this curried carrot recipe!     Ingredients 2 to 3 large carrots (chopped small) 1 onion (chopped small) 1 teaspoon fresh Read More

How to Keep Your Personal Information Secure When Using Smart Home Devices

Protecting Your Personal Information   Today, we use smartphones and tablets for everything from banking to shopping to sharing photos to watching content. Generally, we know how to keep them pretty secure. However, security might not be the first thing on your mind when it comes to devices like smart lights and thermostats. After all, Read More